Cut The Mustard members standing in a field.

The very best live music for your wedding!

Cut The Mustard are a premium party band made up of some of the finest musicians in the UK, playing songs that are guaranteed to keep your dancefloor full all night!

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We are party connoisseurs and wedding obsessives, who fill dancefloors and leave everyone with aching feet. A kickass 5-piece band specialising in music for weddings, corporate events, festivals, and parties. Energetic and fun-filled would be an understatement, and we play all the banging tunes!

Bristol | Bath | Cardiff | Exeter | Birmingham | Oxford | Southampton
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What makes Cut The Mustard special?

So not only can we provide killer live music, but we are also the original Silent Disco Party Band! Noise issues? No problem. Sound limiters? We eat them for breakfast! Our silent package comes offers all the atmosphere of a gig, with none of the volume, and epic light up headphones!