Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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How far will you travel?

We love a good road trip! Cut The Mustard is based in the South West UK, but available all over the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world. Depending on the location we do charge travelling costs, and if it’s more than a few hours from Bristol you’ll need to provide accommodation for all band members. Less than two hours travel from our central postcode is included at no extra charge.

How long does it take you to set up?

We usually allow 60-90 minutes for set up and soundcheck, depending on room access and load-in. We can usually do this a little quicker if needed, but we have found it best to plan for the slowest eventuality.

How much space do you need?

We need a clean, flat and dry space of at least 3.5m (12ft) wide x 2.5m (8ft) deep. Although a big stage makes us feel like rockstars, we are more than happy to play on the floor.

What are my payment options?

Our standard payment terms are 20% payment up front in order to book the band, (this booking fee is fully refundable for 14 days, after which it becomes non-refundable) and the remainder of the balance is strictly due 14 days before the event.

If you want to spread payments into monthly instalments in the run up to your event, that’s fine with us! Just let us know when you enquire.

Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer, or credit/debit card (subject to a 2% transaction fee)

Our venue has a noise limiter, is this going to be a problem?

Definitely not! Cut The Mustard are the kings of the quiet show, being the one and only Silent Disco Party Band! We offer three levels of volume across our packages, from reasonable, to ambient, to completely silent.

Can I choose the set list?

Unfortunately we don’t allow people to choose the set list. We pride ourselves on being able to put together a banging set, and read a crowd to adjust it where needed. Our current full repertoire is upwards of 350 songs, and we will tailor our set towards the things you are into if you give us a list. We will always honour a veto list, so make sure you let us know stuff you don’t want to hear.

We will learn and perform your first dance as standard, providing it is suitable for the band to play and subject to 30 days notice.

Can you play my first dance?

Hell yeah! We will learn and perform your first dance included in our standard pricing. Our only requirements are that the song is suitable for the band to play, and we need at least 30 days notice.

Will you DJ between sets?

Absolutely! Our basic DJ service is free, or you get duelling DJs included with a Silent Disco booking. If you like, you can bring your own iPod/phone/mp3 player for breaks with a specific playlist, or leave it up to us! Either way, we’ll manage the playlist on the night.

Do we get a formal contract with the band?

Yes, your full quote email will contain all our standard terms, and this forms your legal contract with the band. If you prefer, this can be printed and mutually signed.

Do you provide a PA and lighting?

We are fully self-contained, and bring all the sound equipment we need with us. We provide basic stage lighting, but do not light the dancefloor. If you have more than 250 guests for a standard sound system, or require more than 100 Silent Disco headphones, please reach out to us for a sound reinforcement quote.

What gear do you use?

Brace yourself, this could get nerdy!

  • Roland TD-17 Electronic Drum Kit
  • Wal Custom Basses
  • Suhr Custom Guitars
  • Copious amounts of effects pedals…
  • Nord Stage 3 88 key
  • Allen & Heath Qu-series mixers
  • HK Audio loudspeakers
  • Sennheiser microphones & in-ear monitoring systems
Do you offer a discount for charity events?

We can offer a 10% discount for events put on by registered charities, just let us know your charity number when you enquire, and we will apply the discount to your booking.

What do you normally wear?

That’s a bit forward! Just kidding, we will accommodate whatever the dress code of your event is but our standard dress for our gigs is smart casual.

What power do we need to provide you with?

We ask for two standard 13A sockets as standard. We can make do with one socket, but prefer two if possible. The only other requirements are that the power is a good 230V UK supply. Generators are fine, provided that there is a designated circuit for the band not shared with other equipment such as cookers, fridges, or lights, and the generator has enough juice to supply us with at least 8 kW of power.

Can I get up and play a song?

We love a good jam, but we do have a few ground rules for people who wish to come into the band area and play with us. It’s just common sense stuff that has evolved over the last few years, so as long as you are happy to agree to these then we are all good to go!

  • All performances, members joining the band, and song choices must be agreed upon in advance, we cannot allow people to enter the band area otherwise.
  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, song version and key will be the radio edit or the version with the most hits on Spotify. No need to rehearse with the band, just learn to the track!
  • Due to Health & Safety and our insurance policy, members joining the band must take full responsibility for themselves and all equipment while they are on the stage and during setup/changeover. 
  • We do not allow drinks other than bottled water on the stage, and unfortunately cannot allow those under the influence of alcohol on the stage, so make sure you save the beers for after you’ve played!
Do you have PAT and Public Liability certificates?

Of course, and we will send them over to you and your venue coordinator in the run up to your event.

How long will the band play for?

You get 2 hours of live music as part of your booking, split up into 2 or more sets however you like. Most events are 2×60 mins or 3×40 mins, but it is totally up to you!

Will the lineup always be the same?

We love playing in this band, and will always endeavour to keep the lineup to what you see here. If for some reason one of us can’t make it, that member will be replaced with one of our highly skilled deputies, and we will still honour the booking.

Is there anything else we need to provide for you?

We need a meal each (we’re good with eating from the evening buffet), soft drinks, and at least two parking spaces.